I am looking to get qualified as a personal trainer and operate from my own garage gym and the more I look at the RTO's out there providing courses they all come off as flaky and I cannot decide upon which one will get my money and time teaching me what I will need to venture on my own to best help others..
I was really sold on enrolling in Sage 6months for cert 3/4 then another 6 months in their Diploma of Fitness Coaching (10067NAT) - which is about $9000 they have succesffully got government to approve VET-Fee Help. I just googled the course number and tried finding other RTO's to look at their prices but just like sage staff informed, only SAGE are registered to offer this course and they are the copyright holder ( https://training.gov.au/Training/Details/10067NAT ) they created it themselves to offer it themselves and got governments approval to pay the RTO their $9000 they charge at no cost to the enroller which seems like a huge scam so they can enrol as many people up who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford a $9000 course and the RTO get's it all from the gov no probs and no-one else is providing it because sage copyright the course and hard sell it as an exclusive thing you can only get from them so I'm not sure if their priority in creating the course is my education or their pockets on this great idea and now I'm doubting if ANY RTO out there has any credibility and who if anyone will give me a full education I desire.
My interests personally are powerlifting and strongman, I know this route won't give me more time to simply train, but I would love if I can find the right education that also advances my knowledge in performance training rather than what moves work lats and other basic things.