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Thread: Supplements for beginner body builder

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    Default Supplements for beginner body builder

    Hi All I am new to the site... and body building.

    can anyone recommend some good supplements to get started with. An immediate goal is to increase lean muscle and obviously reduce body fat % can anyone recommend anything that they used when they first started?

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    Default Re: Supplements for beginner body builder

    Hi Yoda,

    Supplements are going to give you the smallest amount of return on body composition, so it would be a good idea to focus on caloric intake, macro distribution and meal/nutrient timing before getting into the nitty gritty of supplements. In saying that, some supplements have a good amout of evidence behind them. The main ones here are creatine (4-5g per day not really time dependant, but pre-workout if you can), protein powder, beta-alanine (2-5g per day - not time dependant) and caffeine (pretty much the only pre-work out you need, take it about 30-45 mins before training). These have the most evidence behind them and may give you some effect, however small.

    The two most important things you want to do is get a good program and eat accordingly for this. Gaining muscle while dropping fat might be difficult to do at the same time, although there are some studies to say that it is possible. With out going into any details, as I don't know anythign about you, the ideal way to achieve fat loss and muscle gain is to make sure you are hitting enough protein while staying at a caloric deficit. So aim for 2g protein per kg body weight, you can go to 2.5g/kg body weight if you like, although it is likely not needed, and anythign above this is pointless. Break the protein serves into 30g amounts and have them roughly every 3-4 hours. So if you weigh 80kg, then this will work out to be four meals with and one protein shake.

    As far as losing fat goes, I would recommend doing this slowly and not going into too much of a calorie defect as it may effect energy level in the gym. A good way to get around this is to cut back calorie intake on rest days. It is probably best to speak to a dietitian or coach with nutrition qualifications to help you figure out amount of calorie intake you should be hitting etc. Until then, try to eat as healthy as possible, meaning mostly whole foods. Figure out your four x 30g serves of protein that you are going to have at each meal (maybe three main meals and one snack) and work out your meals that way.

    I hope that helps


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