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Thread: Olympus UK Endurashred - Rice flour capsule?

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    Default Olympus UK Endurashred - Rice flour capsule?

    Hi All,

    I bought OL UK Endurashred SARM stack online.
    I have been using it for three days and seeing no noticeable difference in my endurance - I got curious and opened the capsule and tasted the powder inside.
    It tasted only like rice flour and nothing else,can anyone please advise or share your experience with endurashred. I want to compare and see whether I have got the real stuff or just an expensive container of rice flour.

    please help.


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    Default Re: Olympus UK Endurashred - Rice flour capsule?

    All caps use a filler, it's how they get the caps to fill using a plate they stick the ass end of the caps into.
    They work out the ratios and then use a filler so when they mix it all up and scrape the product over the caps they get enough product and filler to fill the half caps.

    It's way too time consuming to measure out minute amounts of product to fill caps one at a time.

    I personally don't know the product you're speaking of but thought I'd share that info for you anyway.

    If you make friends with a chemist you may get definitive answers into what you're using

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