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Thread: Diet for lean mass

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    Default Diet for lean mass

    Gday guys need a bit of help.

    Started a diet just on 2 weeks ago now for future goals in my job. Hoping to cut body fat down and increase muscular endurance. As the job I'm in its not about how strong you are it's how long you can do it for eg:21 days minimum food and sleep. My stats are I'm 24 185cm weighing in at 88kgs at 18% bf looking to get down to about 14%. I've been training for years playing semi professional rugby league when I was abit younger just never had a real diet. The goals are to make my endurance like running chins push ups and similar things like that great whilst if I need to carry weight on my shoulders for long periods of time I still can.

    The diet I had made for me is

    MEAL PLAN Option 1: Breakfast 6 egg whites/ 2 yolk
    3 toast (wholemeal)
    Option 2: 6 egg whites/ 2 yolk
    70g oats/20ml skim milk
    Before breakfast
     Fish oil
     Multivitamin
     Vitamin D

    Morning Tea# option 1 200g cottage cheese
    4 rice (thick) cakes
    Vegemite/ low kj spread

    Option 2: 2 fruit*
    200g no-fat yogurt
    (no added sugar)

    Lunch option 1 : 150g chicken breast OR
    130g lean beef stir fry (tsp
    125g brown rice
    Option 2:
    180g tuna (no oil) or
    180g chicken breast
    150g brown rice

    Afternoon Tea# option 1: 2 fruit*
    200g no-fat yogurt
    (no added sugar)
    Option 2
    100g blueberries
    40g walnuts or almonds

    Dinner 150g option 1 lean steak or
    150g chicken breast or
    180g fish
    200g sweet potato
    Option 2 180g lean steak or
    180g chicken breast or
    200g fish
    200g sweet potato

    Pre Workout 4 rice cakes (thick)
    10g peanut butter
    5g honey
     Creatine/ D-aspartic acid L-carnitine Beta Alanine

    Post Workout
    1 medium banana
    30g Protein


    Late night Snack (optional)
    Option 1 :200g fruit salad**Diet Jelly 40g Casein Protein option 2 : Custard 200g fruit salad** Diet Jelly
    30g Casein Protein Custard

    Before bed

    That's my meal plan it's at 2300cals at the moment any information for upping it or lowering it would greatly appreciated. I'm not looking to be an ig model or anything just to cut the body fat down to as low as possible and make cardiovascular and body weight exercising as east as possible I train 5 days a week once in the morning and in the arvo so I do cardio most days. Looking forward to hearing from you

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    Default Re: Diet for lean mass

    Looks like a good plan. What's another help do you need?

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    Default Re: Diet for lean mass

    i got myself down to 3-6% BF by eating chicken, white rice, and broccoli for every meal and every day. highly repetitive and practically ruined chicken for me though


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